Books by Jessica

Bookkeeping & Canadian Tax Preparation Services 


Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada

Meet the Bookkeeper

Jessica has been providing bookkeeping services to small businesses for more than 19 years. When she became a direct seller in 2015, Jessica began to notice a hesitation among her newfound network that income from their direct selling achievements was often overlooked or undervalued when it came to a person's overall performance and taxes. 

Jessica discovered her passion for individual, business and corporate tax preparation when she was studying to earn her certificate in Managerial Accounting through Niagara College. It was from this discovery that Books by Jessica and its mission to help Direct Sellers treat their businesses like a business was born. Jessica hopes to empower direct sellers like herself to see the value in their hard work, develop habits to ensure a smoother customer experience and tackle tax time with ease.


Bookkeeping & Consultations

Remote or in-person bookkeeping, allowing you to continue performing your business tasks knowing the financial organization part is in good hands.​ Bookkeeping services also include up-to-date analysis on your business reports so that you can plan appropriately for your upcoming and future taxation status.

Canadian Tax Preparation

Canadian tax preparation and eFiling for individuals, self-employed individuals (and their family members), direct sellers or small businesses as well as serving simple Canadian Corporate taxes with financial statements prepared for client records. 

Point-of-Sale & Online Conversion using Square Services

Retail merchandisers who are in need of assistance moving their in-store offering online while also converting their point-of-sale systems to Square Services and terminal options.

Services include creating and maintaining inventory management for ease of use.

Customized Business Management Systems

For the DIY Sole Proprietor who is in need of setting up their business finances management to create sustainable habits. 

Electronic system created with client-specific nature of business in mind. Includes a discovery call to find your current pain points and a best practices instruction.